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Taking Commissions and Other Crap

2011-09-28 11:55:52 by TheKillustrator

I've got some down time between conventions, and so I'm going to open commissions. Got a logo, comic, or characters you need figured out? I can do that. Want a portrait of your grandma? I can do that too - its just not as fun. I you don't have cash that's cool, too. I just got a nifty thingy that allows me to swipe credit cards.

Anyhow, my next show is Mid Ohio Con a Wizard World event in Colombus. I'm looking forward to it - Both Ryan Ottley and Jason Howard are gonna be there, so that's cool. I'll have tons of prints and will be doing on-the-spot artwork for people at the show. If you live in the area, you should swing by. Hell, I'm making the drive from Michigan.

You can find more of my art simply by googling Killustration Studios or thekillustrator, and my website is though it sucks pretty bad at the moment. Yeah, I should totally update it. If you're on facebook find the Killustration Studios Fanpage for a decent porfolio and other stuff. You can also find me on deviantart. Follow me on twitter @Killustration for all sorts of swearing, nonsense and sarcasm.

If you have any questions regarding commissions or any conventions or events that I'll be at, send me a message on NG or email me at


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2011-09-28 18:45:20

you did not fail me, you succeeded.